Vision - Mission - Quality


  • Being a pioneering Group A healthcare facility preferred in local and international arena by ensuring sustainability of targets already reached.


  • Leading the sector with our top-end medical technology, competent team and multidisciplinary approach.
  • Making client satisfaction-oriented healthcare service accessible for the population.
  • Ensuring sustainability of quality service delivery.

Our Quality Policy

Our primary goal is to ensure safety of patients and employees in all processes.

  • Our policy involves working in a measurable and evaluable manner based on the continuous improvement approach,
  • Rendering quality and efficient services in diagnosis, treatment and patient care,
  • Working in line with ethical principles.

Our aim

  • We intend to develop and maintain quality culture of our hospital
  • and to monitor implementation of local and international quality standards at our hospital.

Quality Studies

  • All processes are conducted within scope of Quality Standards in Health and necessary studies are coordinated.
  • We monitor efforts that serve corporate aims and goals.
  • We manage continuous improvement activities in a systematic manner based on self-assessment.
  • All events that threat safety of patients and employees are managed and monitored with Safety Reporting System.
  • We manage the processes related to the risk management.
  • Efforts for measuring satisfaction of patients and employees (surveys, assessment of survey results, improvement activities based on survey results, analysis of feedbacks of patients and employees etc.)
  • Process management for quality indicators.

For Quality and Standard Services

  • “First, The Human" Approach
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Patient Oriented Approach
  • Full Participation